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Paula Deen Live!
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Paula Deen Live!

DATE: September 30, 2011
PRICE: $44.75
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TIME: 7:00 PM
ON-SALE DATE: 08/19/2011
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*Tickets can be purchased at the Hershey Theatre box office or by phone: 717-534-3405
Over the years, Paula Deen has become an audience-pleaser in a variety of ways:  as a successful restaurateur, best-selling cookbook author, Food Network superstar, and multi-media personality.  But her new touring production has America’s favorite Southern cook serving up two hours onstage with what her fans want most: Paula Deen as herself.

Fans who have experienced seeing the Queen of Southern Cuisine on stage will tell you that she’s witty and engaging, full of sage advice and her spontaneous observations will keep you entertained.  Fans will hear behind-the-scene stories of Deen’s Emmy Award winning show, some with the country’s most famous stars.  And yes, there is cooking too.

“Once I walk on stage, there’s no telling what will happen,” commented Paula Deen. “I always start with good intentions in the kitchen but by evening’s end I’m so involved with the audience and crying with laughter.  There is nothing better than an audience that wants to play!”

Appearing with Deen is her husband Michael Groover who is a harbor pilot when not touring. “Michael is my Ed McMahon,” Deen says proudly.  “I think the audience will see why I fell in love with this man. We work so perfectly together because he knows me so well and has the driest sense of humor. He’s the most observant man I have ever known and when you least expect it – POW! He will hit you with one of his zingers.  It’s not unusual for us to lose control of the program because we’re laughing so hard.”

Sharing laughter and life’s wisdom is the secret to Paula Deen Live! “I get a lot of questions from the audiences,” Deen says, “and I try to answer all of them. There aren’t many subjects I’m afraid to talk about.”

Interacting with her audience, Paula Deen says, “recharges my creative batteries. There’s nothing quite like the energy of a live audience. If we do it right, sometimes a full auditorium can feel like the most intimate get together. It’s magical. “

“Generally speaking my shows are all improvised,” Deen says. My experience has been that it’s best to feed off the audience’s energy. Some of the most hilarious things happen when you don’t plan them. I’ve had my britches fall off once and another time I was hit in the head with a ham. We don’t rehearse this stuff, it just happens!”
Creating happy memories is one of Deen’s requirements for Paula Deen Live! “When I’m onstage I have one mission: to have fun. I want everyone in that audience to leave their worries back home and have a good time.”

Every patron of the theatre needs to have a ticket, no matter what the age. Having a child sitting on your lap may be very distracting to patrons sitting near you. It could also hinder the view of the patrons sitting behind you.


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